We have parking for clients if a few different spots outside of the building.  Some are right by the front door, but there is also an upper parking lot for larger vehicles.

Surgical Suite

The surgical suite is where we do all of our sterile surgeries on dogs, cats, and rabbits.  It is fully equipped with its own anesthetic machine, monitors used during surgery, and supplies such as suture and scalpel blades.  We also have a water blanket that the patient lays on that constantly circulates warm water to keep them warm.


We have a full in house laboratory.  Here we are able to run blood work, full urinalysis, and look under the microscope.


This is the first area you will see when you visit the clinic.  You will be greeted by our wonderful reception team, and Steve the cat.  This is where we will check your pet in for their visit.  We have a scale to weigh the dogs; cats are weighed on a smaller scale in one of the exam rooms, or in the back area.  If there is going to be a bit of a wait before the veterinarian can see you, or you are waiting on some results we have a nice sitting area where you are welcome to get a nice glass of water, or can make yourself a coffee.

We also have a retail corner where the various types of food are available.  We also have shampoos and more available.  If you are looking for dewormer for your cat, dog, or horses we have those as well they just live behind the receptionist desk.


This is where we do our x-rays and ultrasounds.  Our x-ray unit is what is known as a DR machine.  This means that while it is digital, we still have special plates that we have to put thru a machine to get the images to go up onto the screen.  Therefore we tend to use this machine for our smaller patients.  Our larger patients…the horses, we also have a digital radiograph machine known as DR.  For this one it is wire-less so again we have a special plate that is used but the images automatically show up on to a computer screen making it very portable.

We also do a majority of our ultrasounds in this room.  This is because it’s one of the only room without a window so it’s very easy to make the room darker making it easier to see the screen.

Exam Room

We have four exam rooms available.  They are all very similar in that they are set up with everything that is needed for a physical exam.  We typically use the third exam room for our cats since it has its own scale, making weigh-ins very convenient.  All the rooms are equipped with a stethoscope, thermometer, light pen, and treats (the pet’s favourite part).


Here we do all work concerning teeth.  We have an ultrasonic cleaner used to remove calculus from teeth.  We also have instruments needed to do extractions and look for other oral issues.  We also use Digital radiographs to look for issues below the gum line.  When we are not using this space for dentals, the dental table doubles as a sink to bathe pets if needed, or to do what we consider a messy surgery (abscesses).

Large Animal

For our large animals and farm patients, including horses, we have a separate 36’x36′ Large Animal building just for them. This area includes our equine surgical suite (also known as the rubber room), stocks, and an indoor stall.  For patients that are going to be staying with us for the day or longer we have outdoor stalls set up as well.  Just outside the doors is a wide open space so we can do lameness workups right on-site.

Treatment Area

Once you enter the back you are in the heart of the clinic…the treatment area.  This is where we will do blood collections, prep animals for surgeries, physical exams on pets that are left with us for the day and so much more.  The treatment area branches off to many different rooms such as the surgery suite, radiology, the lab, and our dentistry area.

We have a large white board in the treatment area that we use on a daily basis.  When we have patients that are checked in for the day we write their name and which kennel they are staying in on the board.  We then list what is planned for them and check it off as it happens.  This is to help keep us organized.  Below the board we have special folders where we will store personal affects for the patients, such as leashes, or medications to go home.


We have a full set of stainless steel kennels where we keep patients who are in for the day. For our cats and patients who are slightly more stressed by having to be in the clinic we have special covers to give them their privacy.  For our larger dogs we also have a four larger indoor runs.  We have a special set of kennels that are in their own private room that is used as isolation for the times we have patients who are considered contagious.