A full service mixed animal practice

Tanglefoot Veterinary Services Ltd. is a full service mixed animal practice offering a full spectrum of preventative, surgical and medical care.

Owned and operated by Dr. Uli Helvoigt, Tanglefoot Veterinary Services has been offering care for our 4-legged friends in Cranbrook and surrounding area since 2009.  Our team has grown and changed so much since then.  Dr. Holly Munroe is one of our full time veterinarians who does amazing work in both small animals and large animal, she is also branching out to do more of our bovine work.  Dr. Joanna Kouwenberg is one of our part timers, and while she is great with the small animals her passion lays with our equine patients.  Dr. Jasmine Hardy is another one of the full time vets, she is amazing with our small animal patients but is also always willing to do some of the large animal work as well.  Lastly we have Dr. Meryam Shillingford as our other full time veterinarian and while she does mostly small animal work, she is branching out to do some of the smaller farm animals.

 Summer is here.

While it has been very rainy we are hoping for hotter weather soon.  Please remember that pets should not be left alone in a hot vehicle.  Once again we are offering FREE short term boarding (example: an hour or 2) for anyone needing care this summer.  There has also been a lot of studies that have been looking at the risks of feeding grain free diets to our dogs.  If you are feeding your dog a grain free food please call the clinic so we can talk to you about the risks and alternatives.  Please check out the following website for more information https://www.whsv.com/content/news/Harrisonburg-area-veter-511518871.html?fbclid=IwAR0tp1y1DQcWP0Sg9vQocN1BUJX6-xm6vvI1WWS5MvZW2CHvp9yiCScqTbE

The clinic offers hospital facilities for small animals, horses, and does farm calls
for horses and cattle.

Tanglefoot Vet Clinic Hours

8 am – 5:30 pm Mon to Fri • 9 am – 5 pm Saturdays
* After hours EMERGENCY services available by calling the clinic and following the instructions on the voice mail.