Preventative Healthcare

We believe that healthcare starts at puppy and kitten hood.   We offer full vaccinations, which include a series of once a month vaccines for a total of three months for our babies and the once reach adulthood we go to an every three year protocol.  For those pets that are going to be visiting a boarding facility we offer the Bordetella vaccine.  Yearly wellness consults are also very important.  At this time we do a full physical which includes but not limited to listening to your pets heart and lungs, checking eyes and ears, looking for new lumps, oral exams and to address any other concerns you might have. We also have a veterinarian on staff that does chiropractic exams and adjustments.  Our qualified animal health technologists are available to do nail trims, check and express anal glands, and if you are only concerned about your pets’ breath they can do an oral exam and let you know if a dental is indicated.  And while we believe in preventative healthcare we understand that emergencies do happen so we offer emergency and after hours care.  We have a full in clinic pharmacy which includes prescription medications, as well as a variety of parasite control.


Surgical Services


Dr. Helvoigt removing a foreign body.

We offer a wide range of surgeries.  Our routine surgeries include ovariohysterectomy (spay) and orchiectomy/castration (neuter).  Our more complex surgeries include full exploratory (to remove a foreign object, or to look for masses to remove/biopsy), orthopedic procedures, urogenital surgeries (for example bladder stone removal), stenotic nares (opening up the nostril on brachycephalic breeds), and more.  All of our surgical patients go onto intravenous fluids, have heart rate and blood pressure monitored by a qualified animal health technologist, and are fully monitored during recovery.  We also offer pre surgical blood work.




Dental Services

A healthy mouth is very important to our pets, which means dental cleanings are sometimes a necessity.  A dental cleaning consists of scaling off calculus, checking for problematic teeth (for example loose teeth, broken or discolored teeth), and polishing.  We have digital radiographs so we can take dental radiographs when we find those problematic teeth.  Depending on what the problem is we can either refer you to a dental specialist (for example if a root canal is indicated) or we can extract the tooth if that is indicated.  We also do a full oral exam when your pet comes in for its spay or neuter to see if they have retained any deciduous teeth (baby teeth), or if there are missing teeth.  We recommend extracting the deciduous teeth, and taking dental radiographs of missing teeth.




unnamed (1)

Digital radiograph of a turtle with a broken shell.

We have a full in house laboratory.  We have special machines that can do a complete chemistry (so looking at kidney and liver values), as well as a complete blood count (also known as a CBC, so looking at red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets).  We can also run a clotting profile if we are worried about a pets ability to clot.  We can run a complete urinalysis, which includes looking at the urine under a microscope.  We also use our microscope for looking at a fine needle aspirate (looking at cells from a lump), ear cytology (looking for yeast or bacteria), impression smears, or to identify parasites found on your pet.

We also have a digital radiograph which means that the image shows up on a computer screen so we can make minor adjustments to the quality (how dark for example) to decrease the number of retakes, we can also email them to a specialist to get a second opinion.   We also have an ultrasound machine.  Again we can save images to send to a specialist if needed.



Other Services

There are a wide range of other services that we offer our furry friends.  For cats that are prone to matting and do not tolerate being brushed, with the help of sedation we can shave them.  We will either just shave the matts out or we can give them a fancy lion cut.  We also do microchipping, either during an annual exam or when they come in for a spay or neuter.  Also if you have a pet that needs a blood transfusion we can do that in clinic.  Staff pets often act as donors, and with the help of an outside laboratory if multiple transfusions are going to be needed we will blood type your pet and try to find a match.  These are just a few examples of additional services offered.  If you are ever looking for a specific procedure please feel free to call and ask since we maybe able to help you.





Nutritional Services

HILL_S_PRESCRIPTION_DIETOur main food provider is Hills Prescription Diet.  They offer a wide range of maintenance food from puppy/kitten hood to adulthood.  They also carry a variety of specialised food depending on what is going on with your pet.  We also carry a variety of treats, and nutraceuticals.  Our staff is qualified to make suggestions and answer any questions you might have.