Pocket Pet Medicine

Rabbits, ferrets, and rats while they are small make up a big part of our practice.  One all of them we offer full physical exams and can do injections if needed.  We routinely do castrations on both rats and rabbits.  We will also do an ovariohysterectomy on rabbits.  It’s very common for rats to get lumps and we will often surgically remove them if they are starting to interfere with the rats’ life.  We can also do radiographs that since they are such small patients we nickname them a rabbit-o-gram or a rat-o-gram since in one view we get them from head to tail.  Dental issues are very common in the rabbit and we can trim teeth back.  We have a few technologists on staff who are very comfortable doing nail trims, and are willing to do them for you.





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Exotic Medicine

Snakes, lizards, and birds…our most difficult patients.  We work very carefully with our experienced owners and specialists when it comes to these guys.  We are always willing to do a physical exam and then find the information needed to fix the problem.  For your feathered friends we have few members of our team who are willing to do nail trims or clip wings.  We have done splints on birds with broken legs.  Occasionally our exotic patients are not actually owned patients.  We are willing to assess an injured wild animal and do what is needed and then get them into a rehab facility.  We have been known to fix a shell on a turtle, and take in wild birds.

Rescued Duck

Rehabbing a wild duck.

Turtle shell getting fixed

Repair on a broken shell so can be released.

Snake Patient