Bovine Medicine

Bovine are probably the most common of the species we deal with when it comes to herd health.  We are working on having an area in our facility to see cattle at the clinic but for now we are more than happy to go to the farm and work on them there.  We do reproductive work, starting with artificial insemination, to helping with delivery problems.  This includes caesarean section, prolapsed uterus, and more.  We also have a semen tank on site to store semen if needed.  And if you want to try to sync your herd to breed at one time we are willing to help you get it all figured out.  We also carry vaccinations, and are willing to order in if we don’t have what you are looking for.  We are also able to do a few different surgeries, the most common being eye enucleations (removing a damaged eye).





Goat and Sheep Medicine

While very different we do a lot of the same procedures for these guys.  We are fully set up to do castrations (either surgically or by banding depending on age).  We also carry vaccines and deworming that clients can purchase to do their whole flock.  We don’t tend to have to help the females get pregnant but if there are issues during the deliveries we step in and help by either helping the baby or pulling it out, or if it’s just too big or in the wrong position we can do a caesarean section.  We can also submit samples to the lab to make sure that animals joining your flock are disease free, or to check your own flock if you are concerned.

 Llama Medicine

One of the most unique of the farm animals when they let us there is lots we can do for these guys.  Castrations, dealing with abscesses, and their teeth are just a few of the procedures we routinely do.  Just like their equine friends we will float their teeth if they are having issues chewing their food.  We can also do extractions when we come across loose diseased teeth.






And All the Rest

Pig 130913 (2)

Pig all prepped for a spay.

We don’t stop at the common farm animals, we are willing to help with all of the others as well.  We have a few pig patients that routinely need their tusks trimmed.  If needed we will castrate the boys and have even once done an ovariohysterectomy.

Turkey Patient

Turkey getting weighed.

And let’s not forget out feathered friends.  While we might not do exams routinely on chickens, and turkeys we are willing to help you find the right product if you have a parasite problem.  And if you do have a sick or injured chicken or turkey then we will not hesitate and do an exam.