A full service mixed animal practice

Tanglefoot Veterinary Services Ltd. is a full service mixed animal practice offering a full spectrum of preventative, surgical and medical care.

Owned and operated by Dr. Uli Helvoigt, Tanglefoot Veterinary Services has been offering care for our 4-legged friends in Cranbrook and surrounding area since 2009.  Our team has grown and changed so much since then.  Dr. Holly Munroe is one of our full time veterinarians who does amazing work in both small animals and large animal.  Dr. Denise Lowing, while only part time plays a huge role with our small animal patients and with her ultrasounding experience.  Dr. Joanna Kouwenberg is also part time, and while she is great with the small animals her passion lays with our equine patients.

Dental Health is extremely important to maintain the health and longevity of our furry friends. It is estimated that by the age of three, some 80 percent of all dogs and 70 percent of all cats show signs of dental disease! Small breed dogs are especially prone to dental disease and we have seen significant issues even in dogs less than a year of age. Periodontal disease can lead to the more serious problems of heart, lung, and kidney disease. Periodontal disease can be prevented and treated!

A dental exam is an important part of the physical exam and even in early visits such as with puppy and kitten vaccines we are always assessing the teeth. Early diagnosis of congenital issues such as missing teeth or an abnormal bite may predispose a pet to dental problems later in life. We will always attempt to look at your pet’s teeth in the exam room but a complete dental assessment and/or cleaning and extractions must be performed under a general anesthetic.

We recommend dental cleanings every month of the year, but during the month of February we offer extra incentives to promote awareness on the importance of DENTAL HEALTH! We are offering FREE dental exams with our qualified technicians as well as DISCOUNTED pricing on our dental services! Please contact us and we are excited to answer any questions you might have regarding your pets teeth!

User Reviews

Our 6-year old dog Jessie was acting withdrawn for several months. We went Tanglefoot Vet for her yearly check-up and when they examined her mouth, they suggested that we bring her in for a dental cleaning and check-up. When she had her dental check-up, they found several teeth that had been fractured, so he removed them. Immediately the day after Jessie’s appointment we saw a change in her behaviour. She was like her old self! She was no longer withdrawn and started to play with our other dog again. We can’t thank the vets at Tanglefoot enough for suggesting that we bring Jessie in to get a dental check-up.”
Cranbrook local, Client

User Reviews

We always get the best from Tanglefoot Vets, the Cranbrook area knows they look after an assortment of pets. Our dogs Molly & Maxx know the staff are just great, their care over time has been more than first rate!!
Cranbrook local, Client

The clinic offers hospital facilities for small animals, horses, and does farm calls
for horses and cattle.

Tanglefoot Vet Clinic Hours

8 am – 5:30 pm Mon to Fri • 9 am – 5 pm Saturdays
* After hours EMERGENCY services available by calling the clinic and following the instructions on the voice mail.

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