Animal Health Assistant

Jill joined the team of Tanglefoot Veterinary Services in the fall of 2014.  Many people know her as one of the receptionists but she decided that she wanted to be more hands on so has moved to the back to assist the veterinarians by holding pets when needed.  She also is trained to run the in house laboratory so when your pet has blood work done she likely was the one running the machines.  Jill grew up in Grand Prairie, lived in Clear Water for 14 years and then in 2014 came to Cranbrook.  Jill lives with her husband, and many pets.  When not working she enjoys horse back riding, gardening, basically any activity that gets her out doors, and being with her family.


Animal Health Assistant

Charlotte has been working as a animal health assistant at Tanglefoot Veterinary Services since September 2017.  She came on board to help the assist the technicians whenever possible.  She started her career back in 2008 in Nelson B.C and has since managed to gain quite a lot of experience with animal health assistant work.  Seeing as she has been horse back riding since she was just four years old, she is really excited to be working in a mixed animal practice.  Charlotte hopes to bring her horse who currently lives in Nelson to Cranbrook so she can enjoy riding with other people, and finally have more time to actually ride.  In her free time she likes to go x-country skiing in winter, and during summer she loves to run.  She is so excited to go exploring in Kimberley and Cranbrook, both for running and mountain biking.



Animal Health Assistant

Craig started working at Tanglefoot Veterinary Clinic late summer of 2015.  He is a man who has done a little bit of everything.  He grew up in Northwestern Ontario on a beef cattle farm.  He moved west in 1993 when he decided to move to Vancouver.  In 2010 he moved inward slightly, coming to Cranbrook.   He is a face that is easily recognized and since he works in a few different places many people who come in know him on sight.  He use to manage Fort Steele Resort and RV park.  Now that he has joined the Tanglefoot team he will be seen holding pets for the veterinarians or technicians.  He also makes sure that inventory gets put away in the correct spots and works along side Shelley to make sure we have what is needed.  When he is not busy…which does not seem to be often…he hangs out with his dog and horse.


Kennel Support Staff


Office Manager

Jeff started working with the Tanglefoot team in January 2018 as Practice Manager. He grew up in Brandon, Manitoba and graduated from the University of Manitoba in 1994 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Geological Engineering. After four years working as an environmental engineer in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, Jeff and his wife Pamela decided to change career paths and left their jobs to work in Japan for two years as Assistant Language Teachers.

Upon returning to Canada and completing a diploma in Photojournalism in 2004, Jeff worked as a photographer and writer in Cranbrook for two years before accepting an offer to work at College of the Rockies in the International Education Department. He has travelled to more than 20 countries for work and for play, including parts of Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and South America.

After almost a dozen years working at the College, including more than five years as a manager, Jeff was ready for a new challenge and he is very excited to be part of the kind, dedicated, caring and fun staff at Tanglefoot. Jeff lives in Kimberley, BC, with his wife Pamela, their two children and “Twitch” the cat and “Paisley” the dog.

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Jacquie volunteers for Tanglefoot Vet Services twice a week and helps out wherever she is needed. Jacquie and her Husband Lloyd moved to Cranbrook 9 years ago leaving Regina SK and 30 years of running a boarding stable behind. Jacquie still keeps a strong involvement with horses as her son is a professional Morgan trainer in the USA. Always busy, Jacquie has given lots of time to the local Maverick Riding Club and gives a few riding lessons as well.

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Speedy Rocks Malfoy

Speedy is a male Basilisk Lizard.  While out in the wild he would be running around on water, but here he loves to laze around on his log and eat crickets.  He would love it if you would stop by Tanglefoot Veterinary Services to learn more about him.

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Big Hetty

Big Hetty is a female Australian Tree Frog.  She hangs out in the same enclosure as Speedy but is much shyer.  It is very difficult to see her since she hides in the stump but if you listen carefully you can hear her croak.

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Steve the cat

Steve is our welcoming committee.  He joined the team back in November 2013 when he was already 2 years old.  He was adopted from the local SPCA.  Steve loves everybody and very much enjoys when clients pet him and if you have treats you have a friend for life.  In between naps he loves to hunt crickets, play hide and seek, step outside to enjoy the sun, or just relax with some cat yoga (you need to see it to believe it)